Best Vape Tank on amazon

Best Vape Tank on Amazon

Horizontech Falcon king

horizontech falcon king vape tank on amazon
  • Bamboo wicker has exceptional taste
  • No leakage
  • Easy filling with a secure button
  • 6ml Capacity
  • Excellent build quality
  • Extra straight glass tank

Horizontech Falcon 2

horizontech falcon 2 vape tank on amazon
  • Excellent vapors
  • No leakage
  • Excellent built quality and design
  • Long coil life
  • Restrictive airflow
  • Sector mesh coils
  • Straight glass design
  • Stiff sliding top fill

FreeMax Mesh Pro

freemax mesh pro vape tank on amazon
  1. Kenthal Single Mesh 0.15 ohm coil
  2. Kenthal double mesh 0.2 ohm coil
  3. Kehthal triple mesh 0.15-ohm coil
  4. SS316L single mesh 0.12-ohm coil
  • Large Bubble tank
  • Extra straight tank
  • Fantastic flavor with triple mesh
  • Compatible with multiple coils
  • Easy to fill

Geekvape Z Max

geekvape z max vape tank on amazon
  • Best clouds
  • Cross section and lettuce curl coils
  • Airflow management exceptional
  • Massive clouds
  • Screw off top
  • 4 new loops
  • 5 new shades




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