Crafty Plus Vaporizer Amazon

Crafty Plus Vaporizer Amazon. Crafty plus is a new addition to the already massively growing market of vaporizers. However, additions like Crafty plus make the users very excited with the new amazing features from ceramic coating to super booster modes there is so much to explore in this new device.

The new features in the Crafty Plus truly extend the limit and make it one of the best vaporizers on the market. Let’s explore some of these features and see what makes the Crafty Plus vaporizer one of the best in the market.

The operational side of the Crafty plus is pretty much the same as its predecessor. The single button for power on and off as well as adjustment of the temperature is the same.

The same function of adjusting the temperature can also be performed with the application that can be installed on your mobile devices. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity there is a lot of ease provided to the consumer to play around with different temperatures.

However, it does come with two programmable temperature settings and the third one is the super booster which can be accomplished by clicking the button three times.

Crafty capsules make it super easy to load the device with your choice of herb and even if you do not use the crafty capsules loading herb into the chamber is not much of a trouble.

After that, all you have to do is wait for it to heat up and then you can enjoy the true good quality vapor.

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Storz & Bickel



As discussed previously the Crafty plus comes with three temperature settings. Two of them are preset and the third one can also be considered preset as it just takes the heating up to the maximum level. The heating range for the Crafty plus is 40 to 210 degrees Celcius.

The range offered by crafty plus is a bit disappointing as the device is an upgrade in all aspects and one of the key aspects would be to increase the range secondly the temperatures are not variable. Meaning you cannot choose any other temperature besides the preset ones.

Generally, most people use one or two set temperatures and keep using them but to have the functionality to be able to play around with different temperatures and find the one that hits the mark for you is very exciting and fun for the user experience. This is the one area that we think Crafty plus lacks.

The hybrid conduction and convection system ensures that the Crafty plus throws out strong and smooth vapors. It is hands down one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. The smooth and cool vapor that brings you flavorful herb vapor and that too effortlessly makes it the best.

It even allows for heavy pulls and you can get a good cloud of vapor as opposed to other portable vaporizers this is an option that is unavailable. If you want powerful, potent, and flavorsome hits then Crafty plus is your guy.

The size and design of the vaporizer are still top-notch and the company did do research and make it ergonomically beneficial for the users.

The device handles well and is easy on the hands. the device is still made in the state-of-the-art factory in Germany so you expect the best from Storz & Bickel.

Along with that the device is also very sturdy and handles wear and tear well. It also has the medical-grade certifications that its other devices have. Another downside that has been noticed in the Crafty plus is the lack of accessories that sed to be in the box.

Some major accessories like cleaning brushes, grinding tools, and loading tools have been removed. This does not make any sense as these are necessary parts of herb vaporizers.

The battery life of the Crafty plus is a huge improvement, considering that now it reaches a full charge in an hour and gives out 5 to 9 sessions per charge easily. The battery life is a huge improvement and gives much more portable functionality for the users.

As it becomes easier to have a few sessions on the go if the battery is fully charged up. Also, the main key ingredient behind the fast charging is the USB c type charging port.

This has started to be introduced in many vaporizers and is a much-welcomed feature. However, the device does not come with a removable battery like some of its competitors but is it even necessary to have a removable battery if the battery life of your device is sufficient you do not need a removable battery.

Introducing one of the most portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. Yes, we stand by our statement. It is actually one of the best it has a rugged body and can withstand any excursions and wear and tear.

Along with that, the dosing capsules make it super easy to carry around an extra set of herbs, in case your previous ones expire. Just pop in the new one and get started on the new session.

The device is smaller and easily pocketable and it can also be put into a purse. It is simple and easy to carry and fits the hand perfectly. The hand feel of the device is also very good and its solid built materials make it even easier to carry around.

As far as dry herb vaporizers go, we have a new king in the kingdom. The Crafty plus has a few things missing but does offer a lot more to cover up the drawbacks.

The vapor quality is excellent, and the built materials and the herb chamber are also top-notch. There is not much to crib about in the Crafty plus.

The device is portable and easy to carry it serves good vapor and maintains the flavor of the herb. The battery life is also pretty good and there is not really much you could ask for.

Buy Crafty+ at:

Storz & Bickel





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