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The Davinci IQ2 and Crafty Plus are both the leaders in the market at this point. At this point, both Storz & Bickel and Davinci have brought a lot of innovation into their products and have made them reach the top end of the market. Now, let’s go through the specifications of both devices to see which one is the best and stands out the most.

DaVinci IQ2 vs Crafty Plus Comparison Table

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DaVinci IQ2 vs Crafty Plus Detailed Comparison

Temperature Settings

Regarding the temperature settings, both almost have the same range. One thing unique and more accessible in Davinci IQ2 is that it has an intelligent path mode that allows you to have customized sessions. Check DaVinci IQ2 Review.

This will enable you to continue your sessions without tweaking your temperature every few minutes. Along with that, it also has the precision mode. The precision mode will help you change the temperate in one-degree increments per your choice.

The Davinci IQ2 offers 410 degrees Fahrenheit with the ability to change in a single degree increment or smart path. Crafty plus offers a cycle mode that has 3 settings. It’s similar to the smart path but only gives you 3 settings.

In the cycle mode, the first two settings are open and can be changed; however, the third is preset to the highest temperature. There is no precision mode available on this device. This means that you cannot change the temperature in single-degree increments. This means that you are stuck between three options.

The third one is the maximum temperature the only ones you can change are the first two. This is a big letdown. The Crafty plus offers 410 degrees Fahrenheit with 2 changeable settings while the last one is the maximum temperature.

Vapor Quality

With the Davinci IQ2, you get wonderfully potent draws. The airflow dial underneath the device helps keep the draws smooth and potent. It also ensures that the device has enough airflow according to your desires.

The vapor quality is fantastic and puffs out some of the best-tasting flavorful vapor with exceptionally large clouds depending on the airflow setting. Check DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review.

Also, the vapor can cool down as it travels through the vapor path, and before it reaches your lips, it is cooled yet full of flavor. The zirconia pathway helps keep the flavor intact while cooling down the vapor.

The Crafty Plus uses the conduction and convection hybrid method to heat the herb. The results are promising, but since the temperature can get too high, the wastage cost is also high. Regardless the vapor quality on the Crafty plus is good and produces high-quality big clouds full of flavor vapors.

At this point, we can safely say that both devices provide good vapor quality. With huge vapors and the taste is invariable. The only difference is that Davinci IQ2 is better able to heat the whole herb using the zirconia pearl; meanwhile, the Crafty Plus is prone to some wastage due to a very high temperature.

Built Quality

As far as the built quality of the Davinci IQ2 is concerned, it has a very classy look. The exterior is made with a brushed aluminum finish. The device feels and looks sturdy in your hand. It has been made with the most high-quality materials and can easily take some rough handling.

The device’s internal parts are also made with high-quality materials like zirconia and ceramic. The heating bowl is ceramic, while the vapor path is made with ceramic and zirconia elements. This helps cool down the vapor and gives excellent vapor.

The battery is replaceable. A stirring tool has also been incorporated inside the device. The airflow adjustment and other features like the zirconia pearl add to the fine engineering of the device. Check Crafty+ Review.

The Crafty plus has incorporated ergonomic features included to the design. The visual design hasn’t changed much compared to its predecessor. The exterior, however, is made with plastic and feels very low quality.

Furthermore, the device does not come with as many accessories and tools as it used to. Maybe the manufacturer is trying to save some money on the expenses of the tools and make them lighter and easy to carry; however, tools such as a cleaning brush are a necessity that now is not included in the box. This is a bit disappointing.

Battery life and charging time

The Davinci IQ2 has the best battery features inside this device. Not only is the battery replaceable, but it is also a powerful 3500mAh 18650 battery. This enables you to get 8 to 10 sessions out of a fully charged battery. Talking about charging, this battery takes only 2 hours to reach complete charging. One thing that is amiss is the charging mode is still Micro-USB.

Many devices nowadays in the market have shifted to C-type charging as it’s faster. However, given the 2 hour charging time and the ability to carry a spare, one shouldn’t worry too much. Even if you run out of charge, you can always take a spare one and ensure the sessions go smoothly.

On the Crafty, you get a 2800mAh battery that is internal and not replaceable. Due to the considerable small and low-powered battery, the charging time is also less. This battery charges in one hour. and the charging mode is C-type.

The only downside is that you only get 5 to 8 sessions out of a fully charged battery. This doesn’t help in keeping the fun going. Besides that, the battery is pretty good and serves its purpose well.


The Davinci IQ2 is a small device that can easily fit into your pocket and can be carried around easily. It comes with 6 dosing capsules, so you can easily carry some extra herb. Not only that, but if you have a spare battery, the sessions can carry on for a long time.

The Craft plus also comes with dosing capsules and carries extra herbs with you. The battery size is smaller and will not give you too many sessions. Hence you may have to charge it from time to time. Other than that, it can be carried around in your pocket just as easily without worrying about breaking or anything else. Just protect it from water.

Is Davinci IQ2 better than Crafty plus?

The answer to this question is quite simple if you have read the full review. And the answer is yes. Of course, the Crafty plus comes with many features that are amazing and helpful in ensuring you get the best results. However, the Davinci IQ2 is far better than the Crafty plus.

It has all the features one could ask for, from battery life to vapor quality to materials used to build. The Davinci IQ2 also comes with a bucket load of accessories, cleaning, and other essential tools to keep your sessions flavorful. The Davinci IQ2 is by far the better device among these two.

Why You Should Buy DaVinci IQ2 over Crafty Plus? Final Words

Both the devices, DaVinci IQ2 and Crafty+ have their good and bad aspects. It all depends on your personal preference; however, based on the aspects and features we just discussed, it is good to know that DaVinci IQ2 is higher in performance than the other.

Regardless it is completely up to you which one you like. It also depends on whether you are new to dry herb vaporizers or an old user. So when investing your money in any of these devices, i would love to recommend DaVinci IQ2. You’ll also get 20% off.

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