DaVinci IQ2 vs Zeus Arc GTS: Is IQ2 Better? (20% OFF)

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Today we are taking one of the perfectly machined Davinci IQ2 and comparing it with the next-generation Zeus Arc GTS. These two challengers stand tall in their game.

The market has received them well, and Zeus Arsenal has stepped up its game with the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, as you will find out in this review and comparison.

Davinci IQ2 vs Zeus Arc GTS Comparison Table

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Davinci IQ2 vs Zeus Arc GTS Detailed Comparison

Usage Features

Davinci IQ2 has a simple three-button solution similar to its predecessors. The DaVinci IQC and DaVinci IQ2 Carbon also come with three buttons. The Davinci IQ2 has 3 buttons, the first being the power and precision mode and smart path mode option selection.

The other two are up and down keys to set the temperature and customize your vaping experience as much as you like. Press down and hold the power buttons for a couple of seconds until the device starts up.

As soon as it starts up, it starts the heating process. Once thoroughly heated, the Davinci IQ2 uses haptic feedback to inform you when it is ready for use. You can feel the device vibrate, and then you can start your session.

Davinci IQ2 is perfect for dry herb vaping; however, make sure to use the pods provided with the package for other materials like resin, wax or concentrate.

Zeus Arc GTS has some fantastic features to begin with. It comes with a gold-plated oven, and along with that, you have the Arc pods. The Arc pods make it easy to grind your herb and carry it around for longer and smoother sessions.

The Zeus Arc GTS comes with a single button. This button allows you to power up the device, check the battery status and switch the temperature settings. It comes with three preset temperatures that can be changed and adjusted with the help of the website.

Hold the power button to turn the device on until the lights turn on, and then wait for it to get heated to your desired temperature. The device takes roughly 80 seconds to heat up; after that, it vibrates to let you know it is ready to use.

Another exclusive feature of the device is the technology that allows you to check the battery level by simply shaking the device twice. The Xtruder included in this package is significant and helps you fill out your Arc pod much faster. You can carry your extra herb in 15 pods without worrying about grinding fresh herbs again.

Temperature settings

The Davinci IQ2 offers a wide range of temperature settings with the help of the precision mode as well as the smart path. The temperatures on the smart path are also adjustable with the help of the mobile application. The Davinci IQ2 can reach a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Celsius.

You can also use the precision mode to increase the temperature in single-degree increments. This allows you to vape as per your liking at your temperature. It heats up in roughly 40 seconds and gives you haptic feedback when it’s ready to be used.

The Zeus Arc GTS comes with three preset temperatures. The temperatures on each level are 205 degree Celsius, 215 degree Celsius and lastly, and 225 degree Celsius. However, do not worry if you like to choose your temperatures and make adjustments; head to the website, where you can fully customize each setting according to your liking.

It heats up in 80 seconds and shuts down automatically in case of no activity in 180 seconds. This is a very convenient feature as it saves battery and herbs.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality in Davinci IQ2 can be adjusted to suit your needs with the airflow adjustable dial underneath. This is exceptionally helpful in ensuring you get the right quality of clouds and vapor. The vapor quality itself is amazing and better than most devices.

It also uses a zirconia pearl in the heating chamber to facilitate the even distribution of heat. The long vapor path made with a combination of zirconia and ceramic ensures that the vapor cools down before reaching your mouth.

It also helps retain the herb’s flavour as the vapor flows through the vapor path. With Davinci IQ2, you get the smoothest and most potent tasting vapor ever. It is above and beyond the best in the market among other portable vaporizers.

The Zeus Arc GTS uses conduction as its main mode of heating; hence sometimes, the clouds and the flavor may not be as good as the rest in the market. Regardless it does punch out some good flavor and vapor.

The internal components of the Zeus Arc GTS are made with gold-plated material, which may have contributed to an improved experience. Along with that, the material changes in the mouthpiece also help.

The insolation on this device is excellent as it reaches the maximum temperature of 225 degrees Celsius. You still cannot feel the device or the vapor becoming too hot to handle.

Built Quality

The material quality of the Davinci IQ2 is impressive as it uses brushed aluminum on the exterior. While the interior is laced with zirconia and ceramic duo that helps ensure the device is durable and safe to use.

Otherwise, the device is well machined, and the look and feel are just classy and fashionable. The Davinci IQ2 is sleek and sits well in your hand. It weighs not too much but enough to make you feel comfortable holding it.

Along with that, the manufacturer packs all the necessary accessories in the packaging. Furthermore, the stirring tool has been incorporated inside the device. The zirconia pearl, large heating chamber, mobile application, airflow adjustment dial, replaceable battery, and vapor path all add to the finesse of the device.

The Zeus Arc GTS also has a very premium feel to it. Gold accents on either side of the device and the toll underneath the device are also made with gold plating. Overall the device has a very luxurious feeling. The outer shell is made with an alloy that can be very rugged and hard to scratch.

Hence it can take some beating before it gets scratched. The Arc pods play a massive role in making this device even more convenient. The package includes all the things you could ask for 15 arc pods, grime wipes, sticks, a flow sink tool, bristle cleaners, glass spacers, and a charger. It also comes with a patented Xtruder that grinds the herb and fills in the pods perfectly.

Battery Life

The Davinci IQ2 still uses Micro-USB charging, which is a letdown because we now expect most devices to come with C-type charging. However, the battery does make up for that one little issue by being a 18650 2500mAh powerful battery. This battery will give you about 8 to 10 uninterrupted sessions on a full charge.

The manufacturer further enhances this feature by making the battery removable. This helps ensure you never run out of charge as you can carry a spare and have enough juice for a long time. The battery itself charges in 2 hours.

The Zeus Arc GTS has a 18650 3500mAh battery that gives you about 6 to 9 sessions on a full charge. This means that you can easily enjoy the vapor for a long time.

The battery is internal, and the charging mode is Micro-USB. It takes roughly 3 hours to charge the device. The device also shuts off during inactivity for 180 seconds, which helps save up some battery life. You can shake the device twice to check the battery level on the device.

Is Davinci IQ2 better than Zeus Arc GTS?

The Zeus Arc GTS may stand out in its design and other features. However, it lacks the ease of use and the temperature and vaping flexibility offered by the Davinci IQ2. The Davinci IQ2 may have a slightly lesser degree maximum temperature, but its ability to serve large clouds of vapor with delicious flavor tops all.

Among other features is the simplicity of the device and portability. The device has a battery that can last you 8 to 10 sessions. The zirconia pearl inside the device heats the whole herb evenly. This means there is absolutely no wastage.

This wastage issue can be found in devices with high temperatures that cannot cook the herb evenly. Even the stirring tool has been incorporated inside the device. Hands down, the winner here is the Davinci IQ2. It’s definitely worth your buck and will serve you well in the long run.

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