Healthy Rips Fury Edge Review

9 min readSep 11, 2022

Ever since the introduction of the first electric cigarette, people are demanding discreteness no matter which vaporizer they buy.

This race for producing a product providing a unique set of values has led to the development of the Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer. The features incorporated inside the new Fury Edge are hard to find in any vaporizer of its kind.

It all starts with the compact size and stylish design that is pitcher perfect for portable usage and on-a-go smoking. The functioning is also pretty simple where a limited number of buttons serve your cause.

This vaporizer also works tirelessly for more than an hour to produce flavorful vapors that are cooled using the dual heating method. The production of vapors is quick alongside the easy-to-clean and accessible loading chamber.

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is surely a vaporizer to buy for day-to-day vaping at the office, parks, streets, and even at parties.

However, we assume the information that we have shared is not as detailed as you might have liked so we have mentioned this in great detail below. Read our review and decide with not even a pennyworth of doubt in your mind.

Healthy Rips Fury Edge Review

Stylish and portable vaporizer

healthy rips fury edge stylish and portable vaporizer

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You can enjoy your smoking sessions wherever you go because the Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer fits in the palm like a cigarette lighter.

This tweety-sized device is compact with a stylish look resembling a fuel can. A unique and stylish design accompanied by compact size is tailor-made for parties and traveling routines. You can use it during streams as the build is strong and durable.

Hybrid heating system

healthy rips fury edge hybrid heating system

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is a dual-functioning vaporizer that heats the herbs initially using the direct method also known as the conduction mode. It is a highly effective technique to prepare the herbs quickly for vaping.

This method does have a big flaw in that the herbs are overheated and you might receive a metallic or pungent smell while inhaling the perfectly heated vapors.

The company has considered this drawback and introduced convection heating in the Healthy Ribs Fury Edge Vaporizer to maintain the temperature subsequently using the indirect method known as convection.

In this method, air molecules are heated and are blown through the herbs to preserve the quality and aroma for which you have chosen it.

Heating time

You might have guessed the heating time already if you are an experienced smoker. If not then we will tell you a simple principle. Conduction heating is an effective and quick method to heat stuff as compared to the convection method because the source of heat cooks herbs directly.

Though this method is prone to overheat, the initial heating time is a mere 20 seconds. This prompt preparation time is good for those who like to vape during office breaks and other casual purposes.

Temperature range

The temperature range is not as impressive as most smokers would have liked. It ranges between 160 and 221 degrees Celsius.

This short-range limits the controllability feature and does not allow the users to variate the temperature levels much. However, the best thing is the complete manual settings that allow the users to innovate and set their desired temperature accordingly.

Battery Capacity

healthy rips fury edge battery

The battery capacity is 2300 mAh. This feature has improved a lot if you compare it to the older version where the battery lasted for 40 to 45 minutes.

However, now the Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer has an active vaping time of 70 minutes which has increased to almost double. The session timer is another feature that helps you to plan your battery usage more precisely.

Apart from the battery consumption, you will find the charging speed extremely fast when considering the average charge time of other similar products in the market.

The company has incorporated the fast charging mechanism where a Type C USB port is used to supply the uninterrupted flow of power to the device.

Quality of vapors

healthy rips fury edge vapor quality

Unlike many other budget-friendly vaporizers, this Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer has a glass vapor path that keeps the vapors from getting overheated.

Most of the time when you are vaping through an ordinary vaporizer, the demise in quality is not always due to the chamber but a poorly insulated vapor path that conducts heat and dissipates it to the vapors.

However, this is not the case here as you receive a perfectly insulated vapor path made of glass to maintain the temperature and quality of vapors.


There is no mobile app support in Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer. The company has incorporated an easy 3 button control mechanic which requires no prior experience to operate.

You will find a power button to turn the device on while the other two buttons are used to adjust the temperature level to your desired intensity.

The device vibrates when the selected temperature is reached subsequent to which, a 5 minutes session countdown is initiated. You can see the prevailing temperature inside the heating element, your desired level, and the battery life simultaneously.


healthy rips fury edge convenience

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use products available on the market. The stirring mechanism makes sure that the herbs are mixed properly when heated.

This is a very effective method to avoid overcooking. Furthermore, the device has vibration alerts that communicate everything relevant to the user.

Accessories are more advanced and versatile as compared to the older versions and you can switch from one accessory to another during smoking sessions.

Apart from this, cleaning the heating chamber is easy as you can just scrub it off or use an alcohol pad for the same purpose. Alcohol bath is also a pretty effective way to clean accessories.

[su_note note_color=”#fff” text_color=”#2c1cc8" radius=”10" class=””] [su_box title=”What we liked” box_color=”#0F9D58" radius=”0"][su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#0F9D58"]

  • Quick heating time.
  • Dual heating system.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Convenience in operating and performance.
  • Looks stylish.
  • High-quality vapor production.
  • The battery is better than other substitutes.

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[su_note note_color=”#fff” text_color=”#333333" radius=”10" class=””][su_box title=”What We didn’t like” box_color=”#DB4437" radius=”0"][su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#DB4437"]

  • There are no preset temperatures for inexperienced users.
  • No Android app for remote handling.
  • The temperature range is limited.
  • The battery is irreplaceable.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Healthy Rips Fury Edge the best vaporizer?

Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is surely one of the most efficient and durable portable vaporizers available in the market right now. The design, look, and size are something that pleases almost every user.

The quality of vapors is also very satisfying as they are well cooked and easy on the lungs. The dual heating mode and the isolated airpath are extremely rare at this price range so hats off to the manufacturer for developing such good a unique and value-adding vaporizer.

What comes in the Healthy Rips Fury Edge box?

You will get:

  • Fury EDGE Device along with one Protective ‘Smell’ Cover to remove the unwanted smell completely.
  • 1 Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path to preserve the goodness.
  • 1 Accessories Attachment for Glass
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece (Black) for Attachment.
  • 1 USB-C Charging Cord
  • 1 Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Tweezer
  • 1 Fury EDGE User Manual which will help you get used to the functioning of the device.

How much is Healthy Rips Fury Edge?

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer costs around 120 and 140 dollars. The price is budget-friendly and you might receive a discount coupon to lower the price even more. Price is never an issue when you are buying products from the Fury Family.

Is Healthy Rips Fury Edgeworth the money?

It is definitely worth the money. Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is amongst the best quality vaporizers when it comes to producing consistent and evenly cooked vapors.

Do not let the small size mislead you into thinking that this vaporizer is just an ordinary device. In the end, you will start believing in the durable build, convenient controls, and quality output so purchase it before it is discontinued by the company.

Is Healthy Rips Fury Edge safe?

The device is as safe as any other reputed vaporizer on the market. The best thing that you will experience is a perfectly insulated body that does not hurt you while the device is being heated at a high temperature.

The isolated vapor path and the convection heating produce even and easy-to-feel vapors. There are also several accessories to help you cool the vapors before inhaling them. All these precautions are taken to ensure healthy vaping and avoidance of injuries.

Does Healthy Rips Fury Edge smell?

The smell is aromatic, to say the least. Like any other quality piece of technology, Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer has a modern age dual heating system where the device utilizes both direct heating as well as an indirect mode of heating.

This not only prepares the herbs on time but also keeps the vapors fresh, warm, aromatic, and flavorful. At such a low price, you cannot expect a better vaporizer.

What temperature should I set Healthy Rips Fury Edge?

You will get comparatively fewer options in the Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer as the temperature range is 160 to 220 degrees Celsius. The highest setting will rarely impair the taste and feel because the device is powered by dual heating and an isolated vapor path.

Other than this, mild vapors also work well as the temperature settings are precise and completely manual. Setting the temperature at the optimal level is a subjective thing as some people like red hot vapors while others prefer cold and mild ones.

Can you use Healthy Rips Fury Edge while charging?

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer charges quickly as it contains a Type C USB port. The circuit board is developed in a way that it can store the energy and maintain the power storage at such a level that the device can be used while it is accumulating energy inside of itself.

However, we advise you to avoid using the device while it is charging to assure that it works longer and the battery performs better.

Does Healthy Rips Fury Edge get you high?

Getting high is all dependent on the kind of herb that you have loaded inside the chamber. However, the quality of vapors and optimum convenient controls is something that will surely provide you with premium pleasure and leisure. Once you return home, fill the chamber and let it rip inside the chamber, and forget your worries.

How long does the Healthy Rips Fury Edge battery last?

The battery lasts more than any other vaporizer of size as compact as the Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer. The older model had a miserable 40 minutes vape time available which was always criticized by users.

However, the company has overcome this flaw and has increased the battery life to a market competent 70 minutes long vape time. The device does support fast charging but the drainage is not that bad either.

How big is Healthy Rips Fury Edge?

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is certainly the smallest of vaporizers available in the market. The dimensions are 2 x 1.1 x 3.6 inches which means that it fits perfectly in the palm. It has a weight of 5.6 oz so you will never feel the load on your hand while holding the device for too long.


Healthy Rips Fury Edge Vaporizer is one of its kind as you will receive a different proportion of features.

This vaporizer is entirely unique when you consider the portability factor along with the convenient controls and dual heating method.

The device is compact enough to fit in the palm and the stylish look is definitely something that you would expect to make you the center of attention at parties and gatherings.

The price is as low as 130 dollars so you should invest this sum if there are no budget constraints whatsoever. If the budget is still a problem at such a low price then we would recommend using the discount coupons offered by the manufacturer and the distributors too.

Getting these unique and market-competent features at a budget-friendly price is a gift from god so just trust the process and accept it.

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