How to Clean Pax 2 & 3 [7 Super Easy Steps]

Owning a PAX Vaporizer is quite a pleasure. However, if you want to get the most out of your experience as well as make sure your device works effectively, you need to know how to clean it.

Clogged vapor paths make for an unkempt device, which can affect you and your device’s health in the long run.

Cleaning any vaporizer is paramount to a good experience, health, and the life of your device. Therefore, we’re going to go through the whole cleaning process for PAX 2 and 3. Let’s get right into it!

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This beauty of a vaporizer took markets by storm when it replaced its predecessor, the original PAX. PAX Labs did users a favor by simplifying the cleaning process as compared to the original PAX. They designed it in a way that made it quite easy to clean.

Ideally, you should clean your device as soon as you see that first sign of debris clogging up. However, before you begin, you should have a clear idea of what exactly you’re getting into.

The PAX 2 comes with its own maintenance kit — that’s half the problem already solved. It includes pipe cleaners and some isopropyl alcohol (yes, you need rubbing alcohol) in order to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Make sure you disassemble your PAX device. All the parts that can be removed, should be removed. This means the mouthpiece, the oven lid, and the oven screen during cleaning.
  • Use cotton swabs and a small bowl along with the components already provided in the maintenance kit. Cotton swabs can be used to clean the oven and the mouthpiece. The bowl can be used to either soak the screen or contain extra isopropyl.
  • After you have taken the mouthpiece out, insert a pipe cleaner into the vapor pathway after dipping it in isopropyl. By moving it up and down inside the pathway, resistance-causing debris will be removed. This will also pop out the oven screen.
  • Submerge the mouthpiece and oven screen, but not the oven lid.
  • Dip the cotton swabs into isopropyl and run them down the oven and the top of the PAX 2.
  • A multi-tool is also needed to open the concentrate insert on the PAX 3.
  • Finally, clean the mouthpiece with the cotton swabs, and you’re done!

The cleaning process is quite similar to the PAX 3, and very intuitive as well. The only difference is that the concentrate insert included with the PAX 3 needs to be cleaned as well.

The half-pack with the PAX 3 is cleaned in the same way as the oven lid on the PAX 2. Make sure you clean all parts with care as to not void the warranty by mistake.

Timely maintenance can help ensure your device lives a long life. This is why it is extremely important. It also helps preserve the device’s health and flavor, something no one should have to compromise on. Happy vaping!


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