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Stache RiO (Rig in One) Makeover Coupon

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The Stache RiO Makeover is a unique device that has taken over the flagship devices manufactured by Stache Products. This device is designed by Rod to make rig smoking portable and simple.

It comes with a soft, elegant, and colorful base. Inside the base, you will find a square-shaped glass bubbler. The unit is 6.5 inches tall while the glass is 4mm thick.

The glass bubbler is made of borosilicate. It has two openings. One opening has a mouthpiece attached to it. On the other hand, the other opening allows you to keep a banger inside of it.

It does come with a connector to place the banger inside the opening. There is a carb cap placed on the banger to make sure that you can mix the wax by rotation the cap.

There is a torch component provided by the company that you need to insert inside the base. The torch fits neatly below the banger to provide dense and flavorful vapors. The torch also has a dial that can adjust the intensity of heating,

However, there is no electronic component or precise settings involved so you have to experiment to learn more. The torch is refillable and does last more than a couple of days (depending on the frequency of usage). There is no battery integrated into any component which makes it a simple and efficient device to use.

The portability is applaudable since the size is more compact than other rigs, Furthermore, there is a case provided for storing and carrying the device. The case is not that hard and it is vulnerable to melting so make sure that the device is cold before you store it.

There are plugs to avoid spillage and it enables you to shake the device while cleaning. The torch base comes with a one-year warranty but the glass bubbler, banger, and carb cap are supported by a 30-day warranty.

Stache ConNectar Coupon

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The Stache ConNectar is a convenient and generally compatible device that you would love to use with 510 batteries. This device can turn your 510 battery into a nectar collector in no time. It is an affordable product that costs a shy less than 20 dollars. A fairly simple device to use for those who have just started smoking waxes.

The Stache ConNectar is very slim and portable. It is six inches long so you can carry it inside your pocket. It is available in blue, green, red, and black colors. The device is made of metallic, thermoplastic, and ceramic components.

The company has made the construction simple so that the users can assemble it in no time. It consists of three parts. The straw piece is the main airflow component through which the vapors will travel. It is flexible so that it does not break easily. The atomizer is available in two different types.

There is a Clapton wire and crushed heating element that is fixed inside a ceramic chamber. Both the wires are great when it comes to the flavor. However, Clapton wire does not get much dirty. You need to screw it in the straw piece. There is a coil cap included to keep protect the wires from erosion.

The controls are simple as you will find a single button on the battery (the Stache ConNectar comes with a battery of its own). You need to click it five times to turn it on and three times to change intensities. There are three intensities available; 2.8 volts (blue), 3.4 volts (green), and 4.0 volts (red). Each intensity is depicted by the LED indicator.

The button can be long pressed to smoke with complete authority or by clicking the button twice to initiate the heating cycle. The long press lasts for seven seconds only. This is a safety feature to save the components from burning out.

The device has a micro-USB port. A Type-C port is not the most common feature for such an affordable price. The company provides a 30-day warranty on the battery and coils.

Stache Digitul Coupon

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The Stache Digitul is not a vaporizer or anything that is attached to a vaping device. It is actually what the market demanded for quite some time. The Stache Digitul is a wax and oil measuring device that calculates the amount of load that you are about to smoke.

It has an in-built scale that provides precise readings when waxes or oils are placed on the scooping tool. The amount of load that it can measure is between 0.05 and 200 grams. It is four inches tall. You will find it in either black or purple color.

The package contains a dab measurement device, a picking tool, and a screwdriver. The measurement component has a prominent and colorless LCD screen that depicts the accurate stats.

It does not have an internal battery. You need to insert double-A batteries before turning the device on. It is not rechargeable so there is no charger inside the packaging.

Using the Stache Digitul is simple. It has three buttons. The power button is at the top-center location. You need to press and hold it for three seconds to turn the device on. Next, you need to scoop the amount of wax that you want and place the device on an even horizontal surface to get an accurate reading.

The screen will show the precise readings. Now press the “hold” button and pick the device back up. Yes, it is this simple. The Stache Digitul has the option to switch between the measuring units. You can select grams, ounces, carrots, and grains.

Precise consumption is important for medical vaping or while providing bar services to smokers. Micro-dosing sessions are now less wasteful and more on-point. Purchase the Digitul and load your rig with the weight that you want.

Stache e-Nail Coupon

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The Stache e-Nail is a highly efficient device when we compare it with other similar products on the market. The temperature intensities can be set up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius). However, the company feels that 538 degrees Celsius is too high and harsh. The manufacturer suggests smoking to the extent of 750 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 400 degrees Celsius).

It comes in blue, black, red, and gold colors. The official website has only the gold color available as of now. The body is sleek and shiny. It is durable on the outside and the strong vapor production is evident from how heavy-duty the Stache e-Nail looks.

There is a bunch of handy accessories available for the buyers. The Stache e-Nail comes with a 14mm male glass bubbler connection. A carrying case is also provided for better portability. There are various glass components included in the package.

A five feet long cord is there to help you with setting up the device. It has no internal battery so it is a desktop e-nail for your evening or weekend vaping sessions. A silicone container is also proved for better handling and storage of the waxes.

About Company:

Stache Products was founded by Rod in the year 2015. The first product that is developed in the same year was Stache Pen. The company has not looked back ever since. The competitors started copying what the Stache Products were producing.

To avoid this, the company launched a discreet RiO (rig in one) vaporizer in 2018. It was the first portable rig set up of its kind. The vaping fraternity was not read about this innovation when the company delivered it.

The Stache Products corporation belongs to Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Like all other USA-based companies, it has kept its products unique and innovative. The American market requires discreteness to make profits so Stache Products has responded to it vigorously.

The research and development team came up with an even more simple and value-adding product name “ConNectar” in 2021. This device turns all sorts of 510 batteries into a nectar collector.

The versatile product development did not stop here as the company went on with introducing the first genuine wax and oil measurement device, the Stache Digitül. The Stache Products corporation has reacher the 2 million dollars worth of revenue currently.

Officially the company has 14 employees working under its workmanship program. These figures show that it is growing and might compete with the market leaders in the nearest future.

Are There Any Coupons Available Today From Stache?

There are currently five coupons available on the Stache website for discounts. We’ve got a 20% off Stache coupon for you today.

What Is The Frequency Of New Coupons Being Released By Stache?

A total of 5 coupons and offers are active at Stache today.

Which Stache Coupon Offers The Best Discount?

A 20% off promo code is currently being offered by Stache. We have found the best Stache coupon out of 5 active coupons.

What Is The Process For Using My Stache Promo Code?

First, copy your coupon code from this page. In the checkout process, enter your promo code in the “Promo Code” box. You should see a reduction in your total order amount after the discount is applied to your shopping cart. To ensure you apply the coupon correctly, please read the instructions on this page. There may be exclusions to some coupon codes, which we’ll highlight here.

Does Stache Have A Black Friday Page?

You can see Stache’s best Black Friday deals on their official Deals of Black Friday page.

Is There A Military Discount Offered By Stache?

A special discount is offered to military personnel, their spouses, and their families by Stache. The proof of your military service is required to receive your military discount for Stache. You can provide the proof in-store or online at Stache. Your full range of military discounts will be available once you are verified.

Can I Get Free Shipping From Stache?

The Stache e-commerce site offers free shipping constantly. Free shipping is as easy as adding your items to your Stache shopping cart and checking out so you don’t even need a discount code.




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